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Car collides with truck, killing 2 in Maryland

As long as humans are driving cars in Baltimore, there will probably always be automobile accidents. It is human nature to make mistakes, after all. However, this is no excuse for those who caused the accident to not take responsibility for their actions.

Human error is being blamed for a car accident that occurred in Solomons recently. Although authorities are still investigating the accident and don’t know all the details, they say that the 86-year-old driver of a sedan was driving northbound on Route 2/4 and was attempting to turn left onto Patuxent Point Parkway. Although he had a red arrow light, the driver proceeded to make the left hand turn. A truck that was approaching the intersection could not avoid the car in time and collided with the passenger’s side of the sedan.

Rescuers who responded to the scene had to cut into the sedan’s roof in order to get to the two people inside. A 97-year-old passenger in the sedan died at the scene; the driver was taken to the hospital where he also succumbed to his injuries. The truck sustained severe damages, but the 41-year-old driver made it out without serious injuries and did not want any medical treatment.

The truck driver involved in this accident may wish to speak with an attorney about his right to compensation for the damages done to his vehicle. A lawyer can work toward ensuring that he gets the money he is entitled to in order to repair or replace his truck.

Source: Southern Maryland Newspapers Online, “Two killed in Solomons crash Thursday,” Sara Newman, Jan. 3, 2014