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Alcohol suspected in fatal 1-70 crash

During the holiday season, the likelihood of drunk drivers being out and about on the streets of Baltimore seems to go up. This is because many people are attending various work and family parties where alcohol is served. Sometimes those party-goers might not have thought about getting a designated driver or maybe they don’t consider themselves too intoxicated to drive. This can be a deadly mistake and can lead to serious consequences that no one wants to face, especially around the holidays.

Authorities suspect that alcohol played a role in a deadly collision that occurred recently in Frederick County, Maryland. The car accident happened when a car going the wrong way on 1-70 slammed into another vehicle. The driver of the car was traveling eastbound in the westbound lanes when he collided with the other car. The impact caused the wrong-way traveling car to overturn, flip over the guardrail and catch on fire. Authorities responded to the scene and put out the fire, but a passenger in the vehicle died on the scene.

Both drivers suffered injuries that required hospitalization; they were both transported to the hospital via helicopter. There is no word on their condition.

The driver who was hit by the car traveling in the wrong direction was a victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He may wish to speak with an attorney about the accident. Doing so may enable him to be properly compensated for his pain and suffering, medical expenses and damages done to his vehicle.

Source: Your 4 State, “Wrong Way Driver Causes Fatal Accident on 1-70,” Amy Hudak, Dec. 9, 2013