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Cruise ship drowning raises questions of company responsibility

When someone in Baltimore walks onto someone else’s property it is the responsibility of that property owner to ensure their safety. Hazardous conditions like slippery floors, poor lighting, lack of security and bad construction can cause accidents to happen to innocent people. In such cases, the question of premises liability is clear but sometimes it is hard for family and victims to determine whether the accident is the company’s fault or not.

This will likely be the question for one family who has lost their 6-year-old. The boy died in a drowning accident while aboard a cruise ship with them. The circumstances of the drowning are unknown but according to one source, cruise ships do not have to keep a lifeguard on duty. It is not certain whether there was a lifeguard at the pool where the boy died.

It is said that family members were nearby and that the death appears to have been accidental. No information was released concerning the age or relationship of the family members. The death has raised questions over whether cruise ships should have lifeguards and their responsibility in keeping their guests safe from harm.

Whether someone is a victim of a slip-and-fall, a falling piece of debris or a family has lost someone in a drowning accident, there are generally unexpected expenses that victims and their families face. Seeking compensation can assist those victims with their challenges and help them recover from their ordeal. In such instances, it may be a good idea for them to meet with an experienced attorney to talk about their case.

Source: Huffington Post, “Qwentyn Hunter, 6-Year-Old, Drowns In Carnival Cruise Swimming Pool,” Suzette Laboy, Oct. 14, 2013