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Car attempts to evade police; involved in accident that kills 3

Crime doesn’t pay. It’s an old phrase that basically means if you engage in activity that is against the law, you will likely be caught eventually and punished. For some residents of Baltimore, this may even mean losing their lives for the crimes that they have committed.

This seems to be the case for two people who died in a car accident recently in Baltimore. Authorities say they saw criminal activity going on and tried to stop the car. It is not known if both occupants of the car were involved in the activity, or the kind of crime that was going on, but when authorities attempted to stop the car, it began to speed away.

The car was eventually involved in a collision when it was hit in an intersection by a Jeep. Although it is unclear who caused the accident, it would probably be safe to assume that the car’s driver was at fault since the car was attempting to evade police at the time.

The Jeep’s driver was taken to the hospital where he remains in critical condition. A passenger in the Jeep was killed in the accident, as were two people inside the car.

This accident could have been avoided had the driver of the car stopped when authorities tried to pull the car over in the first place. The driver of the Jeep and family of the passenger who died may wish to speak with an attorney to discuss their right to compensation for medical expenses, funeral costs and damages done to the vehicle.

Source: WJLA, “Baltimore multi-vehicle fatal car accident,” Sep. 24, 2013