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Woman dies in Baltimore jail after being denied medical treatment

As temperatures in Maryland heat up and summer really sets in, there may be increased focused on who or what is left inside a car on a hot summer day. Along with being careful about leaving small children in a hot car, pet owners are also encouraged to avoid animal cruelty charges by bringing pets inside with them. Recently, a Baltimore woman was charged with animal cruelty after one of her two dogs died in her car while she slept in a motel room.

The story takes a twist as the woman’s attorney plans to sue for wrongful death after the woman died three days into her jail stay. According to relatives, a liver condition and medication she was taking made the woman mentally and physically ill and rendered her unable to make decisions regarding the welfare of her dogs.

According to her attorney, the woman was incoherent during her arrest because of her liver condition, and she did not receive treatment during the time she was in jail. Her cause of death was eventually determined to be cirrhosis of the liver, and her family feels she should have received medical treatment rather than being incarcerated.

Although it may seem obvious when a person makes a bad decision that affects another living thing, things may not always be what they seem. Law enforcement officials may need to look closely at each situation to guarantee that the needs of all citizens are being met and their rights are not violated. Any person who feels they have lost a loved one in a wrongful death situation may benefit from consulting an attorney to discuss their case.

Source: WBAL, “Late dog owner’s attorney plans wrongful death lawsuit,” July 10, 2013