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Premises liability case results in $400,000 jury award

Premises liability claims are designed to compensate people when they get hurt due to a property owner’s negligence. For instance, an injured person can file a premises liability lawsuit against a Baltimore area business if icy sidewalks or inadequate lighting cause a slip-and-fall accident. A grocery store or shopping mall owner who fails to set out signage warning of wet floors could be held responsible for resulting injuries to its patrons.

Less common, but still notable, is a recent case where a 26-year old man was killed in a woman’s home. The murder took place in 2009, when the man’s own father stabbed him; the father was convicted of first degree murder. The slain man’s mother filed a premises liability lawsuit against the woman who owned the home where the murder took place. Although the situation was not explained in detail, a jury determined that the homeowner was liable to the dead man’s mother in the amount of $400,000. The homeowner tried to get a new trial, but a superior court denied her request.

When a person suffers injury or death due to a negligent property owner, it is best to start documenting exactly what happened. It may be helpful to make a file with a written description of the accident, photographs of the site, and copies of medical reports, invoices, bills, and any test results from the injury. An attorney can review the file with the accident victim or family and discuss whether the hazardous condition caused the injury. Experienced legal counsel can also help determine the best way to recover any resulting expenses or damages.

Source: The Sacramento Bee, “Jury’s award stands in damages over 2009 murder,” Andy Furillo, June 19, 2013