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Head-on collisions are a growing problem in Maryland

Head-on crashes involving a motorist driving the wrong way on a highway is an ever growing problem in Maryland. In fact, the National Transportation Safety Board recently undertook a study to learn more about the statistics surrounding these often deadly accidents. It found that in the last few years, close to 12 people in Maryland have been the victim of a car accident involving a head-on collision, and 360 have perished this way across the United States. Wrong way crashes occur most commonly on Friday and Saturday nights, and one in five accidents are fatal.  Not surprisingly, 60% of the drivers who cause this type of accident are drunk.

Maryland transportation authorities agree that they would like to see an end to wrong way driving accidents, and they are looking into better highway signage and tougher patrolling for drunk drivers. However, they point out that money concerns currently dictate against the NTSB’s other recommendations which include requiring breathalyzer devices in all cars; instituting a GPS alarm in the event a driver is on the wrong side of the road, and re-designing on-ramps. 

People who have suffered the wrongful death of a loved one in a head-on or other collision know that the grief and sadness can last a lifetime. While a lawsuit demanding monetary compensation from the perpetrator will never bring back the person who has passed away, it can be a way to send a message that drunk or distracted driving is unacceptable. Family members may wish to set up an appointment with an experienced attorney to discuss filing a legal case seeking damages.

Source: CBS Baltimore, “Wrong Way Crash Combat: National Transportation Safety Board Takes Action,” Adam May, May 9, 2013