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Baltimore car accident causes injuries, deaths

It happens all the time. A group of friends goes out for a night of fun on the town. At the end of the festivities, one member of the group assures the rest that he or she is no longer drunk and volunteers to pilot the car. When fatal car accidents result, authorities often determine that the driver was actually under the influence.

This all too common situation appears to have happened recently in Baltimore County. The 22-year old driver of a Ford Mustang killed two passengers in his car and injured a third when he crashed his car. The accident occurred on a Sunday morning, at 6:30 a.m., perhaps after a Saturday night party extended into Sunday morning. Officials are continuing their accident investigation, but they have issued a citation to the driver for drinking and driving. Authorities do know that the driver lost control of the speeding vehicle, which caused the car to smash into a bridge support, and land upside down. The driver did not escape unscathed; he was taken to a trauma center with serious injuries.

In this situation, the injured passenger and the families of the deceased friends may have medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other claims against the driver of the vehicle. It can be challenging to file a lawsuit against a friend or relative, but it may be necessary in certain instances. People who have been involved in a car collision may wish to review the situation with experienced legal counsel. An attorney can explain possible rights and remedies available in this type of situation.

Source: WBAL TV11, “2 dead, 2 injured in Baltimore County crash,” April 22, 2013.