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Failure to obey stop sign results in car accident

There are many reasons why a driver might not stop at a stop sign. The driver may be distracted and improperly speaking on a handheld phone or texting, a practice that is against the law in Maryland. A driver might miss a stop sign due to fiddling with the radio or talking to passengers. In many cases, a driver is impaired by drugs or alcohol. Sometimes, a driver is elderly and does not realize that reflexes and attention to detail may be slowing. Whatever the reason, the result is often the same, a car accident that results in serious injuries.

Authorities recently issued a citation to an 82-year old man who drove through an intersection without bringing his vehicle to a halt at a stop sign. A crash ensued when a 24-year old woman hit the elderly man’s car with her Mazda. The disaster escalated when a pickup truck piloted by a 48-year old man and carrying his teenage passenger smashed into part of the pileup. All four individuals involved in the accident suffered injuries that required medical attention at nearby hospitals.

Drivers must be careful to always pay attention to stop signs. Everyone on the road trusts one another to follow the traffic requirements, and as soon as one driver makes the mistake of disobeying the law, enormous consequences can result. An injury accident can forever alter the lives of its victims. People who have suffered injuries, pain and suffering, and medical expenses in a car accident may want to contact an experienced legal professional to discuss the details of the crash and learn about filing suit to seek potential monetary compensation.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Four injured in three-car crash on Route 543 in Street,” April 6, 2013