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Baltimore car accident in rush hour traffic kills woman

Every day during rush hour in large cities like Baltimore, and in its smaller suburbs, drivers get into car accidents. The morning radio shows are continuously updated with the locations of the most recent car wrecks and advice regarding the roads to avoid due to blocked lanes and on-scene medical personnel. Whether the accidents are caused by people fiddling with cell phones, juggling breakfast, looking through files, or simply not paying attention, rush hour can be a very dangerous time to drive. While some of these collisions are simply frustrating fender-benders, others can turn into fatal car accidents.

Recently, a 56-year old Bel Air woman was driving in rush hour traffic just after 8:00 a.m. when the driver side of her car was hit by a motorist who ran a red light. The impact forced both vehicles into the median. The woman was taken to a medical center, but she did not survive. Neither the driver who caused the accident nor his passenger received life threatening injuries; they did receive medical care and were considered to be stable. Officials have not provided information on whether citations were delivered to the driver at fault.

During rush hour traffic, it is critical that all drivers obey the traffic lights and pay attention to surrounding motorists. A distracted driver in heavy traffic presents potential harm to hundreds of drivers who trust one another to pay attention and follow the rules. Failure to stop on red can result in the death of an innocent individual, as in this case. In situations where a person is killed by a negligent driver, the family may wish to review the matter with experienced counsel who can provide relevant legal advice.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Bel Air woman dies following Wednesday’s Route 24 crash,” Bryna Zumer, March 14, 2013