We Help Victims Of Elder Abuse Suffering From Bedsores And Infections

Nursing home residents are among the most vulnerable in society. Unfortunately, nursing home residents often suffer from a lack of proper care. A common injury caused by elder abuse and neglect is decubitus ulcers, commonly known as bedsores.

Prolonged Neglect Leads To Bedsores

Bedsores are caused by extended pressure on the skin. If vulnerable residents have sustained contact with an object, such as a wheelchair or bed, it can restrict blood to the capillaries on the skin, leading to infection and bedsores.

Bedsores are painful and can cause significant complications, including:

  • Sepsis, a life-threatening condition involving bacterial infection that can cause organ failure
  • Cellulitis, a skin infection that if left untreated can be fatal
  • Bone and joint infections, including septic arthritis and osteomyelitis, which can further impair movement and can cause severe complications, including death
  • Cancer, usually developed from Marjolin’s ulcers, which can be an aggressive form of cancer and is also life-threatening.

Elder Abuse And Neglect Is Wrong. You Have Legal Options In The Wake Of Nursing Home Negligence.

The attorneys at Engel Law Group P.C., are experienced personal injury and professional malpractice attorneys who have successfully represented clients in nursing home negligence cases. Our lawyers hold institutions responsible for their failure to exercise proper care over their nursing home residents, including for bedsores and infections.

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