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Workers' Compensation Archives

What may be characterized as an occupational disease?

Every year, there are numerous Maryland residents who experience illnesses that they believe may be work-related. This type of illness would be categorized as an occupational disease. What exactly, though, may be characterized as an occupational disease, and are any damages sustained as a result compensable?

Workers' compensation death benefits possible following crash

Near the middle of May, an employee for Maryland's Highway Services Department was killed while working. This individual's surviving family members are, undoubtedly, going to have questions that need answers. More than likely, they will also need financial relief for the multiple losses this type of accident typically creates. For those who have lost loved ones due to work-related accidents, it may be possible to obtain workers' compensation death benefits, which can certainly help in moving forward from such tragic losses.

Killed worker's family may file workers' compensation claim

Any type of construction work comes with an inherent amount of risk. Sadly, accidents occur quite frequently at construction sites in Maryland and all across the country. As such, employers in this field of work are legally required to provide workers' compensation benefits to employees, which may help provide some financial security in the event of injury, illness or death while on the job.

Different types of workers' compensation benefits are available

Just as work-related injuries and illnesses vary in their type and severity, the care needed for recovery also varies. In order to adequately care for an injury or illness suffered on-the-job, different types of workers' compensation benefits are available. Maryland residents who have been injured, or who have suffered a work-related illness, need to know what the differences are in these benefits and how an attorney can help ensure proper payment.

Does my injury qualify for workers' compensation benefits?

Most employers across the United States, including those in Maryland, are required to obtain workers' compensation insurance. This type of insurance can help protect the company, and will continue to provide employees with benefits and financial support if they are injured or become ill while on-the-job. Workers' compensation benefits are certainly a valuable asset, but there may be questions as to what type of injuries actually qualify.

Employee injured while leaving work wins workers' comp case

When an employee is on the job in Baltimore, he has the right to believe he will be safe. This even applies when a worker is leaving work and still on any part of the business’s premises. When his safety is compromised, he may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

Construction worker dies after falling from roof

When a worker in Baltimore is installing a roof or working at a height that could pose problems if he or she fell, it a good idea to wear safety devices designed to prevent or stop the fall. Many companies use a personal fall arrest system that works to stop a fall before the person hits the ground. This system usually involves the worker wearing a full body harness with a lanyard that attaches to an anchor. If a construction worker is working six feet or more off the ground, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) expects there to be certain guidelines and protections in place.

Construction site accident in Maryland leaves 1 dead, 1 injured

Working on a construction site in Baltimore can be a dangerous job. Employers on construction sites have a duty to their employees to ensure that their safety is a top priority and that any dangerous conditions are minimized. When they don’t, serious injuries and even death can occur.

Prison workers in Maryland injured on the job

Working as a correctional officer at a maximum security prison can be fraught with danger. By definition, a prison population is filled with people who do not want to be locked up and are frustrated with the wardens whose job it is to keep order. Many, if not most, of the prisoners are capable of violence, and they can have anger or mental health issues. When a correctional officer suffers a work-related injury, the damage can be severe or even deadly.

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