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Impaired driving often leads to fatal car accidents in Maryland

It is common knowledge that driving while impaired can have significant consequences. Drivers who are intoxicated run the risk of hurting themselves and the others with whom they share the road. It is truly unfortunate that many families in Maryland have been negatively affected by car accidents caused by others who choose to get behind the wheel in an inebriated or otherwise intoxicated state.

Maryland car accidents: 1 dead, others injured in multi-car crash

Accidents on the interstate are a fairly common occurrence. These car accidents happen quickly and often have tragic results. Such is the case for a recent crash in Maryland. A wreck on Interstate 68 left one person dead and several others in need of medical care.

Auto-pedestrian car accidents can occur in unlikely places

Most auto-pedestrian accidents that are reported on the news take place on busy streets or at intersections. While those are the most common places, these car accidents can also happen in places that would otherwise seem unlikely. Such is the case for a recent accident at a retail store in Maryland.

Pedestrian involved car accidents concern Maryland police

Pedestrian accidents are an ever-increasing issue in cities across Maryland. Officers in one city in particular are taking a stand and have increased their focus on pedestrian safety. There is no question that the damages that often result from these car accidents can be quite severe. As such, pedestrian safety operations like this one certainly serve a valuable purpose.

Motorcycle accidents often result in critical injuries

A motorcycle can be a thrilling piece of equipment to ride. Unfortunately, as fun as they may be, they are also harder to see, and motorcyclists often find themselves victims in collisions. Even with proper safety gear, motorcycle accidents often result in critical injuries to their riders. A recent accident in Maryland landed a biker in the hospital severely wounded.

Car attempts to evade police; involved in accident that kills 3

Crime doesn’t pay. It’s an old phrase that basically means if you engage in activity that is against the law, you will likely be caught eventually and punished. For some residents of Baltimore, this may even mean losing their lives for the crimes that they have committed.

Fourth of July car accident in Baltimore County injures man

Summer holidays are a great time to get together with friends and family. Whether it is Memorial Day to kick off the summer, Labor Day to end the summer, or the Fourth of July, everyone likes a good party, barbeque, or trip to the local pub with buddies. Unfortunately, law enforcement is aware that these gatherings often involve drinking excessive alcohol. Every year, summer holiday revelers cause drunk driving car accidents that result in injuries and deaths.

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