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Killed worker's family may file workers' compensation claim

Any type of construction work comes with an inherent amount of risk. Sadly, accidents occur quite frequently at construction sites in Maryland and all across the country. As such, employers in this field of work are legally required to provide workers' compensation benefits to employees, which may help provide some financial security in the event of injury, illness or death while on the job.

Construction site accident in Maryland leaves 1 dead, 1 injured

Working on a construction site in Baltimore can be a dangerous job. Employers on construction sites have a duty to their employees to ensure that their safety is a top priority and that any dangerous conditions are minimized. When they don’t, serious injuries and even death can occur.

Prison workers in Maryland injured on the job

Working as a correctional officer at a maximum security prison can be fraught with danger. By definition, a prison population is filled with people who do not want to be locked up and are frustrated with the wardens whose job it is to keep order. Many, if not most, of the prisoners are capable of violence, and they can have anger or mental health issues. When a correctional officer suffers a work-related injury, the damage can be severe or even deadly.

Maryland construction worker injured by falling paint bucket

Construction workers who repair bridges perform a great service for motorists who must travel over waterways. Bridges require constant maintenance due to weather damage and harm from minerals, ice, and other natural causes. People who repair bridges may have to climb to great heights or dangle precariously on the sides of the bridges to do the work. Sometimes workers stand on platforms built under or next to a bridge in order to reach the surfaces that must be painted or fixed. The dangerous nature of the job can result in a work related injury.

Three workers burned due to hazardous job condition

When workers are hired to perform dangerous jobs, they trust that their employer will provide them with all appropriate safety training and measures. For instance, workers who deal with hazardous chemicals should be trained to recognize any hazards, learn how to minimize the dangers, and wear safety gear to protect their bodies from poisonous substances. When an employer ignores risks and sends employees into dangerous situations, laborers may become victims of a work-related injury

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