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Maryland medical malpractice: Diagnosing and treating sleep apnea

There is a medical condition of which many Maryland residents may not be aware, known as sleep apnea. This is something that can affect adults and children, both males and females. This is also a medical problem that many doctors are failing to properly diagnose. As the long-term effects of sleep apnea can be quite severe, even fatal, those who suspect that they or a loved one were not appropriately treated for this condition may pursue medical malpractice claims against providers believed to be responsible.

What is a condo association's role in premises liability?

Condo living is fairly popular in places all around the country, including Maryland. For those who want to own, but do not want the hassle of a yard or other outdoor maintenance, living in a condo community can be the right fit. As these units are individually owned, who would be held responsible if someone was injured on the property? The plaintiff in a case in another state believes the premises liability falls on the condo association.

Maryland wrongful death: Pregnancy-related maternal death

Pregnancy brings out a variety of emotions for expectant mothers and fathers. The impending arrival of a new family member can be exciting, bringing hope for the future, but the worries about a baby's health and a myriad of other potential complications can also be overwhelming. Pregnancy-related maternal death, while not as common now as it used to be, is, sadly, still an issue. It is likely that Maryland residents who have experienced such a tragedy will not only want to understand what led to the loss of their loved one, but may also wonder if a wrongful death claim is appropriate for their situation.

Car accidents caused by distractions a problem with young drivers

While getting a driver's license is a thrill for most teenagers, this event can come with a lot of mixed emotions for their parents. Parents in Maryland and across the country want nothing more than to see their children grow and become independent, but they also want to protect them. Unfortunately, this can prove difficult when sending young drivers out on the road on their own. As drivers face more distractions than ever before, parents have every right to be concerned. Car accidents are the leading cause of death of young drivers, and distractions are behind a large chunk of these crashes.

Maryland dangerous property: accidents on sidewalks

Accidents on sidewalks are more common than one would think. Cracks, holes, gaps and other trip hazards can actually do a lot of harm to unsuspecting pedestrians. Maryland residents who have been hurt while walking on a poorly maintained sidewalk have every right to question who might be liable for any damages sustained due to this dangerous property.

Wrongful death claim possible following fatal crash in Maryland

A woman is dead and a young man in police custody following a fatal crash in Maryland. Police believe the driver responsible for this auto-pedestrian accident may have been impaired at the time of the collision. Depending on the facts of the case, the victim's surviving family members may be able to successfully pursue a wrongful death claim on her behalf.

Legal remedies available for those affected by surgical errors

Surgery, whether it is considered major or minor, can be a frightening experience for anyone. Even those surgeries that are considered routine can be botched, leaving the patient or -- in the event of fatality -- their surviving family members with a lot of questions. Those in Maryland who have been negatively affected by surgical errors may pursue a number of legal remedies in order to achieve compensation for any damages suffered as a result.

Those injured in motor vehicle accidents may seek compensation

Residents in Maryland who have been seriously injured in a car accident are likely to be left with a lot of questions. Some may question their ability to move forward after such a tragic event, while others may wonder what -- if any -- legal options are available. The damages sustained in serious motor vehicle accidents can be quite substantial, and victims of these wrecks may seek compensation for any financial losses they have encounter as a result.

Determining liability in slip-and-fall accidents

When a person is injured on another individual's property, it can be difficult to determine who is considered liable for that injury. Slip-and-fall accidents affect thousands of people every year across the country, including some right here in Maryland. While some of these accidents result in only minor injuries, some may have more serious outcomes. In these cases, it is only natural to question factors that may have contributed to the incident.

Why file a wrongful death claim and who is eligible to file?

Most people have heard the words wrongful death claim, but they may not understand what this type of claim can be filed for or who is eligible to bring this type of claim to court. Simply put, a wrongful death claim may be filed when a person's life is ended due to the negligence of someone else or their specific intent to cause harm. Maryland residents who have lost a loved one under one of these circumstances retain the right to take legal action against the person deemed responsible.

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