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Workers' Compensation Archives

Could you have an occupational disease and not know?

People fall ill for many reasons. Someone at work brings their cold with them and spreads it around to others, or maybe the stomach flu invades through a child in school or daycare. Sometimes you just start to have aches, pains or feel generally blah and you don't know why.

Did you hear that? No? Maybe you're a 'sonic attack' victim

Everyone knows, or at least should know, that prolonged exposure to loud noises can damage your hearing. Anyone who has attended a rock concert without some form of ear protection has probably experienced a ringing in the ears for days afterward. If you paid the price for the ticket, that damage is a risk you chose to face and you can't expect someone else to cover the cost of your recovery.

Injured on the job? Don't miss out on workers' comp benefits

Working road construction in Baltimore is a dangerous job. Between dodging heavy machinery and performing strenuous labor, every day you encounter a new hazard. For the last several years, you have been one of the lucky ones that avoided injury. Unfortunately, that ended a few days ago when you suffered a back injury while moving heavy equipment. It did not seem that bad the day it happened, but by the next morning it was impossible to move.

Overexertion tops work-related injury causes

Workplace safety is a major concern for employers and employees. Across the country, Maryland included, employees get hurt while on the job on a daily basis. A work-related injury may occur for any number of reasons. However, it is believed that overexertion is currently the major cause of non-fatal workplace injuries in the United States.

State trooper suffers work-related injury

One of Maryland's finest was injured near the end of October while on the job. The state trooper was sitting in his patrol car when his vehicle was apparently struck by an SUV. The extent of the victim's injuries is not known. As is common following such a work-related injury, the trooper was provided medical treatment and is said to be recovering.

What may be characterized as an occupational disease?

Every year, there are numerous Maryland residents who experience illnesses that they believe may be work-related. This type of illness would be categorized as an occupational disease. What exactly, though, may be characterized as an occupational disease, and are any damages sustained as a result compensable?

Workers' compensation death benefits possible following crash

Near the middle of May, an employee for Maryland's Highway Services Department was killed while working. This individual's surviving family members are, undoubtedly, going to have questions that need answers. More than likely, they will also need financial relief for the multiple losses this type of accident typically creates. For those who have lost loved ones due to work-related accidents, it may be possible to obtain workers' compensation death benefits, which can certainly help in moving forward from such tragic losses.

Killed worker's family may file workers' compensation claim

Any type of construction work comes with an inherent amount of risk. Sadly, accidents occur quite frequently at construction sites in Maryland and all across the country. As such, employers in this field of work are legally required to provide workers' compensation benefits to employees, which may help provide some financial security in the event of injury, illness or death while on the job.

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