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Maryland considers law that would change expert testimony rules

If you've been injured due to someone's negligence, who would you want to testify on your behalf -- an expert who knows has enough experience to break down complex information in a way that's easily understood by laypeople and knows how to handle himself or herself on the stand or an expert without those slowly-developed skills?

What is the difference between wrongful death and medical malpractice?

There is perhaps nothing more jarring than a loved one being wrongfully injured or killed. In the wake of this difficult time, you may be faced with an overwhelming array of legal options. In some cases, both medical malpractice as well as wrongful death lawsuits can be applicable to your situation. The circumstances of the injury or death unique to each case will determine the course of action. With the help of your personal injury attorney, you can make the decisions that are best for you and your family.

Reversal reflects how judicial standards can evolve

Most people have never taken a polygraph test. We venture to guess that the nearest encounter most people have had with the devices - also known as lie detectors - is what they've seen on television or the movies. In theory, the devices gauge changes in a subject's physiological responses to questions and allow skilled operators to read whether the person is lying or not. The problem is that the machines are not foolproof. Courts sometimes allow polygraph results as evidence, but only if they meet a standard set 70 years ago called the Frye test.

How much protective screening should baseball fans expect?

The recent injury to a young girl at Yankee Stadium has reignited the controversy over how extensive the screening should be that protects fans from being struck by balls traveling at speeds of upwards of 100 miles per hour. It also raises questions about the legal responsibility of teams for those injuries.

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