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Car Accidents Archives

With winter weather comes ice and snow car accidents

As the winter solstice approaches, cold weather and frozen precipitation become the new normal. Driving conditions worsen, and the possibility of a car accident increases. From skidding out on black ice to multiple car pile-ups on freeways, there are ample risks involved with driving in inclement weather.

Maryland car accidents: Wreck leaves 3 people injured

Police in Maryland are currently investigating the cause of a two-vehicle crash in Prince George's County. It has been reported that three individuals were injured in the wreck. Car accidents with injuries are nothing to take lightly, as these incidents can leave the victims hurting physically, financially and emotionally. Those injured in this particular wreck may be able to seek compensation for any losses that they have experienced as a result.

Most common injury after rear-end car accidents is whiplash

Rear-end auto collisions happen every day in Maryland and elsewhere across the country. While many of these car accidents are relatively minor in nature, even minor incidents can cause injuries that can be felt for a lifetime. Whiplash is said to be the most common injury following a rear-end crash, and the damages sustained from this type of injury can be debilitating.

What qualifies as negligence in car accidents?

In Maryland and elsewhere, automobile collisions may happen for any number of reasons. When they do, it is not uncommon for victims to question whether negligence played a part or if compensation may be sought for any associated losses. What qualifies as negligence in car accidents?

Maryland car accidents: 1 killed, 1 injured in collision

Operating a motor vehicle of any kind comes with a certain amount of risk. Drivers in Maryland and elsewhere need to be aware -- not only of what they are doing while behind the wheel, but of others with whom they share the road. Unfortunately, mistakes are made, car accidents happen and deaths and/or injuries often result.

Maryland car accidents: Crash with injuries being investigated

Several people were transported for medical treatment following a recent crash in Maryland. This incident is said to have occurred a couple hours southeast of the Baltimore area on Sept. 5. Authorities take car accidents such as this one very seriously, and they are, undoubtedly, working diligently in order determine what led to this particular event.

Maryland car accidents: 4 injured and 2 killed in crash

A recent car crash in Maryland is believed responsible for the deaths of two women. It has also been reported that four other individuals suffered injuries in the collision. It is not uncommon for the victims and/or the surviving family members of those killed in such car accidents to question the events leading up to the wrecks. A full investigation into the cause of this particular crash is currently underway, which will serve to provide much needed answers to the victims and their loved ones.

Maryland car accidents: Some cyclists never fully heal

When an accident occurs between an automobile and a bicycle, the cyclist will lose every single time. There is simply no protection great enough that can shield a cyclist from the force of impact which is imposed by an automobile. Unfortunately, there are far too many Maryland residents who have been on the losing side of auto-pedestrian car accidents, and the injuries they have suffered have left long-lasting physical and emotional scars.

Car accidents caused by distractions a problem with young drivers

While getting a driver's license is a thrill for most teenagers, this event can come with a lot of mixed emotions for their parents. Parents in Maryland and across the country want nothing more than to see their children grow and become independent, but they also want to protect them. Unfortunately, this can prove difficult when sending young drivers out on the road on their own. As drivers face more distractions than ever before, parents have every right to be concerned. Car accidents are the leading cause of death of young drivers, and distractions are behind a large chunk of these crashes.

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