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Month: February 2018

Expect the emotional stages of divorce

You've probably heard of the "stages of grief," but have you ever heard of the stages of divorce?It's unlikely that anybody just wakes up one day and makes such a life-altering decision as divorce. More than likely, anyone considering divorce has been going through a...

Is your marriage doomed?

How do you know if your marriage is just having a rough patch or you're really heading for divorce?Probably the best person to ask is a divorce lawyer. According to some attorneys who've seen their fair share of divorcing couples, these are some of the signs of a...

5 incredibly dangerous driving behaviors

Americans have a problem driving safely. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety notes that 37,461 people died in accidents in 2016 alone. Think of it this way: In that same year, studies showed that 9,728 planes flew at any given moment in the United States, with...